Youngworld Centers center in located in Pittsburgh, PA serving the families of the North Allegheny school district.
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Youngworld Children's Center

~Excellence in Early Childhood Education~


Youngworld Children's Center is a place where your children can grow! Four generations of local children and their families have taken part in Youngworld's proven success.                            CALL US TODAY          for a personal tour! 

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Our mission is to provide children with a healthy, safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environment, as well as the necessary tools needed to encourage discovery, exploration, and growth.

In addition, we make it our top priority to provide a curriculum that promotes cognitive, physical, social, emotional, cultural and creative development   while also responding to the needs and desires of the individual child and his/her family.



-Licensed by the Department of Public Welfare and Department of Education for       OVER 20 YEARS!!
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What We Do

Youngworld Children's Center was organized and developed to provide a caring, supportive, safe and educational atmosphere for families who require infant, pre-school and/or school-age care for their children.

Therefore, it is our goal to offer families in our community a program that meets the intellectual, moral, social, emotional, and physical needs of each child, while also benefiting the child, the parent, the staff and the community.

What Makes Us Unique

*Here at Youngworld Children's Center, our unbeatable programs deliver various opportunities for students to have a part in making decisions and experiencing their environment through play and active participation.

*Our Early Childhood Education teachers demonstrate love, respect, and compassion, which enables and empowers children to respect the needs and rights of others.

*Our qualified and experienced staff believes that our youth is best served when parents and caregivers collaborate. Communication is key! Furthermore, Youngworld Children's Center encourages parents to become involved in their child's education, inspire culture and learning at home and after school, and have an active presence in their child's education.

We, as a superior early childhood education program, accept the responsibility to provide the best possible environment and resources for each child to develop into a unique and independent human being.



What's New?

Exciting field trips planned for the 2015-2016 School Year!


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